Breast are Beautiful

I think breast are beautiful and I do believe in the saying, “If you got it flaunt it.” I’m comfortable enough in my own sexuality to be able to admire a women’s breast, but not want to be with a woman.

There is a time and place for those beautiful jugs to be exposed — flaunting. However, in a classroom I don’t think is that time. I do believe in having ones own style of dress, but sometimes it can be too risky or sexy for school.

It’s not necessary that anyone need to be able to easily see down someones and see breast staring back at them. The Classroom is not the place to flaunt them. Especially when you are teaching young children or working with young adults.

There minds eye needs to be on classwork, not breast. No matter how beautiful they are.                                                                                                (c) 2017 Justnpc


  1. They definitely do not need to be flaunted in a classroom. Especially, when the young ladies are not to flaunt them, either. Perhaps I am just bitter over the hypocrisy on the men’s side of the educational system in my area.

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