When people try hard to destroy you–Know you are on The Right Track.
When people send you a lot of negativity and ban together against you and it seems like you are standing alone–That’s when you know and should realize how Powerful you really are. If this wasn’t true then why would people be spending so much time and energy on you?

When people exert that much negativity they better pray they don’t destroy their own selves in the process.

Turn that evil and negativity into Positive Energy & let it Empower you even more. So don’t cry rejoice.

As the biblical verse says (short version), “May a millstone be hung around your neck & you be thrown into the uttermost parts of the sea then touch the least, the least, the least of mine annotated.”
Ain’t Nobody that important in the world that I have to exert that much energy or time on them.
(c) 2017 Justnpc


    • I agree with all that is said. Having negativity is destructive to yourself and all the others around you. One moment spent helping someone … empowering them to their best self … allows you to grow ! This blog is amazing and said as it should be ! As the author wants it. Confirming to what is expected. Be yourself and ride ! There isn’t any political correct anything. Balancing all is where we all aim to be . Love yourself and you will be the best ahead !
      Help someone who has been stuck in the mite of the world. Losing themselves is going to help you lose yourself ! We one . We all connected !

    • I agree! Being a woman is amazing ! We may be judged by our appearance … i say embrace yourself ! We Are all beautiful ! Women birth the world ! I usually say look to my eyes then look down ! Have some class but a woman’s body is her temple ! Beautiful always ! We are given breasts to feed our world .. and we have a beautiful shape because each goddesses !
      When others stare I say look higher… and see me .. look lower take a pic it lasts longer and shows how ignorant you may be ! Women are all beauty regardless how you are built.

  1. Yes!!
    I believe so often we internalize someones negative actions towards us and then find fault within ourselves. It is so important to remain optimistic, resilient and persevere!

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