Spit vs. Soap & Water

A few years ago during a session with one of my five year old clients, he asked me if we could play Memory Match. His brother and male cousin, ages three and four, were inside the house als, and they asked me if they could play the game with us. A half hour after we began playing, the three children said they were hungry. So I stopped the game so the four of us could get lunch.

After the children finished eating, the three year old cousin stated, “Ok I’m ready to play now.”

I looked at the peanut butter and jelly all over the little boys hands and replied, “You have to wash your hands first.”

The three year old looked at me then with expertise and skill began to lick his fingers and palms. After he finished he stated, “I licked my fingers. Let’s play.”

“Spit works a lot of times,” I said. “But sometimes you have to use soap and water.” The children looked perplexed, but listened as I continued speaking. “So after all of you go to the bathroom and wash your hands with soap and water, we will continue to play Memory Match.”

“That’s not how we do things in my house!” The three year old responded very emphatically.

I laughed out loud quite loudly, enjoying the moment, then exclaimed,  “Well, you still have to wash your hands!”

The three children stared at me for a second, then one by one proceeded to the bathroom to use soap and water rather than spit to clean their hands.                                                                                          (c) 2018 Justnpc


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