From the time I was about ten years old I have been what people consider “Big Boned, or Healthy, or Plus sized.” For many years people have harangued me about my weight.

Some of these same people were only a few years older than me, but felt they needed to counsel me on my weight. They were so superior to me and I was in such great need of their wisdom.

I laugh now when I see the same people with their fat wives,  fat children, fat girlfriends, fat grandchildren, fat siblings, pot bellied husbands, and fat in-laws.

And they had the nerve to concern themselves about me.

Proverb Z: Verse 21 — Take care of the lard on your ass. Don’t worry about what’s on mine.                                        (c) Justnpc 2018


  1. Often people are unhappy with themselves and their life, that’s why they need to demean & try to fix or control someone else.

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