Celebrity Status-Part II

We honor people we don’t really know. We post on our pages, sayings by people we have never met. We share scriptures from a book that reflects the His-tory of several conqueror’s who chose to change the truth/word based on their “perception of reality” and their desire to control the masses. We put pictures of all these “Great Celebrities” on our pages, walls, and cell phones as if they are our gods to be worshiped. We have been given permission to “like” and “honor” a media’s version of  who a person is and who our role models should be.

Yet, when do we praise those people we’ve known for years? When do we honor the role models we see everyday? When do we consistently post stories about the real people in our lives?

Who are we as human beings? Spirits living in preprogrammed shells?  Entities that have only evolved but so much in the past hundred years? Shells that are governed by the Nature vs. Nurture of the human condition? People that are more followers than leaders? Or beings that really aren’t as different from one another as we think?

Do we really even care? Or do we just simply continue to sleep though it all and repetitively function in the  drone like program of being the flawed human beings that we are?

What is real and what is not real?

But then what difference does it make? No one’s told you, or given you permission to like me, and I don’t have that celebrity status any way.                                                                      (c) Justnpc 2018


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