Build Your Own

It’s  a shame when you build or create something of your own and you do all the work; people join in and try to reap the benifits of what you’ve created. All the while, they smile and act like they are for your success. Yet their actions show they are more invested in your failure. Their true desire is to take over, take credit, and take control of what you have built.

In situations like this, it somewhat reminds me of the fable of The Little Red Hen. Except in real life, when the work is done and everyone comes to partake, they’ll take the bread from. At times they’ll even make it seem like they told you how to bake the bread or loaned you the oven. Which is far from the truth.

Proverb Z: Verse 18-Why not build your own instead of trying to reap the benefits of someone else’s hard work. Oh yeah, I forgot, isn’t that what history is about?              (c) Justnpc 2018


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