Anyone Can Be President

042C7E3D-85DC-4957-9F26-9D849656E3B8This was something I wrote seven years ago when I was working in Pennsylvania. I was one of the only adult “minorities” many of the children in the schools I was working in had been around. By the time Obama became President, I had been working around these children for a few years, but after this experience I had to write this post.

With Obama becoming President a lot of children now believe anything is possible. One day the third graders said to me “Ms. if you decide to become President remember to…”

I interrupted laughing and responded, “Why would I want to be President?”

There were at least three or four of the children this exchange was going on with. “No Ms. – listen, when you become President…”

I was flabbergasted, but they were quite serious.  And again I interrupted trying hard to hold back my need to scream with laughter. “I want to be a famous writer, not the President of the United States of America.” 

And still they persisted determined to get their point across, “No Ms. you need to listen to us. When you become President…”

Children are so naive, you’ve got to love them.

Proverb Z: Verse 40 — If u believe – They believe.


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